Friday, 17 June 2011

I have spent the last few days in Suffolk doing an AW fashion story with beautiful lingerie by new designer Katharine Harrison and big cosy knits, riding boots, wellies and all the accoutrements of luxury country living.

Until the age of about fourteen I was a naughty little tomboy running riot through the fields of my grandparents' houses and causing havoc in our local forests with the BMX boys who lived down the road. I loved nothing better than kicking up the dust in my old weather-beaten boots, climbing trees and making dens. Pretending I was an adventurer. Exploring new worlds.

So, whenever I return to a country environment, no matter where it may be, I feel the pang of nostalgia and my mischievous side begin to peak through. When I'm in a large country house (or any house other than my own, really) I cannot resist the urge to sneak down corridors, peak into rooms, climb up dusty staircases and give in to all the whims of my curiosity. 

I like to see how other people live; how they organise their things, what their things are, how they visualize and create their personal environments. Blogs like The Selby are catnip.

So here is a sneak peak into my even sneakier peak at the house we were shooting in.


  1. Awesome photos ! simple photos of simple things make me smile !!!

    love and kisses

  2. nice to get a sneak into your location.

  3. Thanks guys!

    I'm going to try and keep giving little insights into behind the scenes in the fashion industry so keep checking back!