Thursday, 19 May 2011

Music videos have long been looked down upon as an inferior medium for artistic expression and high-fashion clothing. Whilst I would agree that there are countless artists whose videos are nothing interesting, exciting or new there are those like Lady Gaga (as a mainstream pop example) who seek to do something different, and groups like 30 Seconds to Mars who create cinematic masterpieces which could better their full length feature counterparts.

This Beyonce video may not be pushing the boundaries of the norm in terms of the concept or execution but the styling is definitely a visual feast of epic proportions. My favourite look has to be the Gareth Pugh gold metallic mini dress. I have on several occasions looked at the pieces from this collection at the showrooms of Karla Otto and longed for the day when I'd get to shoot something. I don't know who the designer is of the jewellery which accompanies this look but the pieces are modern, bold and perfect accompaniments to the fierce dress.

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