Thursday, 28 April 2011


Milton's capital of Hell. The place of all demons. Fallen angels. Lucifer once, but now the archfiend, archenemy of mankind: Satan.

From an imagined city of evil to the present day definition of wild and noisy disorder, Pandaemonium has always been viewed in a negative light. Chaos. Disruption.

But what about the passion, energy, creativity and cunning which both instigates and results from pandaemonium?

Artists of all kinds have long acknowledged that the best work comes from the deepest and darkest of emotions. Strong inspiration is needed to create something of beauty- even if it is a beauty of sadness.

There's a demon inside all of us. A darkness and a dream which we hide from sight. Beauty and the bitch.

This Pandaemonium will be an exploration of thoughts and feelings; documentation of places seen, people visited and things created. Words, sounds and pictures that show the real me.

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